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HFE in the Flight Deck Simulator

May 23, 2023 Paul Cummins Season 3 Episode 3
Human Factors & Ergonomics (HFE) Hub
HFE in the Flight Deck Simulator
Show Notes

Sharon Todd is chatting with Paul Cummins the founder and CEO of Airline Training Solutions. Paul has nearly 40 years experience in the aviation industry mainly in operational roles . 

Airline Training Solutions is the largest private provider of flight simulators for training in Australia. 

Simulators are based on Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320/321, with other contracted providers for other types. Other simulators include F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet and a light aircraft.

Paul's Experience includes:

  • Air Traffic Control, Supervisor and Training Officer
  • Flight Service Officer,
  • Pilot, flew CT4 and Macchi jet with RAAF, helicopter and aeroplane commercial pilot licence Australia and USA, flew Jetranger helcopter, de Havilland Beaver floatplane, Dash 8 and Boeing 727.
  • Trainer for Qantas on Boeing 737-800.
  • Regulatory experience with CASA, member and written submissions for the Editorial Advisory Panel for Flight Safety Australia magazine,
  • Editor of the Aeronautical Information Publication, and Instrument Flight Procedure Designer for Airservices
  • Chief Ground Instructor at RMIT university flight training.- Secretary of Seaplane Pilots Association of Australia


  •  Air Traffic Control Section Safety Officer
  • -Safety Management System Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager for a Part 173 Instrument Flight Procedure Design company
  • Safety and compliance role as the Obstacle Limitation Surface Manager for Sydney Airport, Identifying risk and mitigation.
  • Consultant to various airports wrote their Operations Manuals, and Safety Risk Management Plans
  •  Consultant on Air Traffic Management systems modernisation projects, as well as requirements management, testing roles, and QA.
  • -Systems Safety Engineer and Safety Management System lead on Air Traffic Management modernisation project.

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